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“medizinermagazin-Notfall” – Stroke-Emergency Doctor, Report in German language

BerlinerFeuerwehrTV: Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil STEMO


In der Rettungsstelle des ukb werden 67.000 Patienten im Jahr versorgt

Schlaganfallpatienten profitieren von mobilen Schlaganfallstationen

Schlaganfall: Stroke-Mobile können mehr als Leben retten

Schlaganfallversorgung: Charité befürwortet Weiterbetrieb der STEMO
Analyse belegt Wirtschaftlichkeit der Stroke-Einsatz-Mobile

Analysis proves the benefit of Stroke-Einsatz-Mobile

Charité supports continued operation of STEMO
Analysis proves cost-effectiveness of the mobile stroke units

Use of mobile stroke units improves clinical outcomes

STEMO – voices and opinions: Press conference to mark ten years of STEMO mobile stroke units press_conference_to_mark_ten_years_ of_stemo_mobile_stroke_units/

Stroke mortality halved in the last 15 years

New clinical trial: Mobile stroke units significantly improve chances of stroke patients

Clinical trial: Mobile stroke units improve chances of stroke patients

Less disability: Again convincing STEMO results

Stroke – fast help and effective rehabilitation

Stroke care: Stroke Emergency Mobiles have proved successful

Three Stroke Emergency Mobiles are on the move in the city

Better care for stroke patients in the South of Berlin

Charité experts present new STEMO study of mobile stroke therapy

Stroke: Early start with lysis on board of the Stroke Emergency Mobile

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Further press, video and audio articles about STEMO, telemedicine projects and practical examples can be found on the website of MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme

Stroke, the world's leading cause of permanent disability, is a major challenge for our healthcare systems, with the resulting and ever-increasing financial expenditures for care and rehabilitation of those affected. The MOBILE-STROKE-UNIT concept represents a sustainable and efficient solution on the way to further optimization of the stroke treatment pathway and stands for an improvement in the condition of those affected after a stroke.

The STROKE-EMERGENCY-MOBILE and other innovative telemedicine solutions are provided by MEYTEC GmbH.
MEYTEC has competences in telemedicine and medical technology resulting from many years of experience in the implementation of telemedicine applications, constant innovative further development of systems and services as well as intensive cooperation with medical practitioners in practice.

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